All Cast and Precision Milled plaques are made using materials of the highest quality alloys.

Whether lead- and mercury-free bronze, high-grade aluminum or lead-free brass. Metal plaques can be up to 15′ single dimension to make a lasting impression. All cast metal and precision milled plaques come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Metal Casting is an old process that has been used for centuries and is the result of pouring molten metal into a mold of sand or clay. The metal then hardens and becomes the framework for your metal plaque. While Precision Tooled Plaques are created with a solid sheet of metal and the background is routed away using a CNC router. The end result of these two processes looks virtually the same, but why is one better than the other? When should I choose Cast and when should I choose Precision Tooled? We can assist you in those decisions.

Below are a few of the aspects you should consider.

Pros of Precision Metal Plaques

  • Thinner depth options 1/8″ and 1/4″ available
  • Maximum plaque sizes 84″ x 40″
  • Better for recessed detail in copy and logos.
  • More accurate stud hole placement since they are marked with a machine, and not a mold.
  • Especially great for bench plaques.

Pros of Cast Metal Plaques

  • More depth options at no additional costs (5/16″ – 1″ thick).
  • Larger possible plaque sizes
  • Lettering can be made small
  • Custom sculpted logos, borders, and portraits available
  • Recommended for ground mounted plaques